Tier 1 Instructor

Natalie comes from an extensive wellness background.  Having practiced in the field for over a decade, she brings applicable knowledge to Pilates from her time working in physical therapy (PTA), neuro conditioning, yoga (RYT-500), and dance therapy.  Her love for Pilates started in 2014 at Castle Hill Fitness under Deborah West. 

As a Comprehensive Certified Classical Pilates Instructor, she aims provide wholistic and balanced sessions for clients, each tailored to the individual’s needs.  Natalie has trained with various Master Pilates Instructors, and is excited to help clients and students move better & learn more about their body.

Instagram: @natkatnip

• Comprehensive Peak Pilates Certified
• 500+ hour Yoga Certified
• Bachik Methods Neuro Conditioning Trained
• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Methodology Trained

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