Meet Lesley

Lesley Werle is a Dallas based fitness professional and Founder and Owner of Train Pilates Studio.

Her expertise includes Pilates, strength and conditioning, CoreAlign and TRX suspension training.  She originally established herself in Chicago in 2010 when she began working as a NASM certified personal trainer at private gyms.  After a year of building her client base she decided to expand her fitness knowledge to include Pilates.  Having practiced Pilates during her years of dancing professionally she knew this was an important aspect to being a well-rounded athlete.  Lesley is trained through STOTT Pilates and certified through the Pilates Method Alliance in addition to being trained in the revolutionary CoreAlign method.  She received her BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and currently hosts training programs through Pilates Academy International for those seeking to become certified Pilates instructors.

Since relocating to Dallas in 2014 she has continued to train individuals and design programs that cater to their specific goals including strength, weight loss and rehabilitation.

Lesley opened Train Pilates Studio with her vision that training your body is a lifelong commitment to moving mindfully and efficiently.  Training is movement and Pilates is a practice that incorporates movements for all bodies and all ages.  You are given one body… be strong, move well and live pain free.

Meet Amy

Amy was introduced to Pilates in September of 2001–one month after the death of her younger sister.  During this time Amy was overweight and exercised infrequently and through Pilates began to see healing after this devastating loss in her body, mind, and spirit.  She found the center of who she is through the power of Pilates.

She founded Centered Pilates studio in Charleston, WV to help others find healing like she did, in body, mind, and spirit, uplifting men and women by helping center their core and reconnect their whole being upon the reality that they are valuable, worthy, beautiful, and loved.

Now nearly 10 years into her Pilates practice, Amy loves the “a-ha” moments she experiences every day on the journey towards an aligned spine and a balanced musculature.  She also loves how the Pilates breath helps to keep her centered while attempting to balance the jobs of mother, fiance, studio owner, and instructor.

Amy has a B.S. in Business Management awarded by Virginia Tech in 1994.  She obtained her M.B.A. from Marshall University in 1997 and spent 10 years honing her teaching skills as a Forensic Economist before becoming a certified Pilates instructor in April of 2007.  Amy currently splits her time between Charleston and Dallas.  She recently joined the Train Pilates Studio team and is undergoing Lagree Method training at Studio 6 Fitness in Dallas.

Amy has experience with pre- and post-natal clients, golfers, runners, equestrians, and tennis (as well as racquetball and squash) players.  She has also worked with clients who have undergone lumbar discectomy and knee replacement surgeries (all post physical therapy), individually and in groups.

Amy cares for the body, mind and spirit of each and every client utilizing the wondrous tool that is the Pilates Method.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Leigh is a passionate instructor who has always been intrigued by the mind-body connection. Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Amanda was an award winning theatrical actor, competitive cheerleader, and classically trained dancer. She spent every day moving and working on fitness. However, following an unfortunate car accident, she sustained injuries that limited her ability to continue and lost some of the confidence she had in herself.

She remained persistent though and that is when she discovered Pilates! Pilates taught her to stretch and tone her body and helped her regain the strong mind-body connection she had before. She learned to appreciate the importance of listening to her body and realized that there isn’t progress without struggle. Amanda hopes to guide her students to find their passion in Pilates and build self-confidence while learning to stretch, strengthen, and tone their bodies and minds.

She is so excited to share her journey and hopes that it will inspire others to stick with their goals and stay committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.