‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’

Joseph Pilates

Testimonials from some of our happy clients!


Pilates for Injuries…

Pilates with Lesley helped fix my impingement issues in my hip that was causing me so much pain at one point I had trouble even walking.  I was able to avoid major hip surgery and now no longer have any pain in my hips.  I am back doing all the things I enjoy doing in my life.  I owe this all to Lesley.  She crafted a program that was aimed at balancing my hips and addressing the misalignment in my body that was causing the impingement.  I had never done Pilates before Lesley and now believe it to be one of the most effective forms of preventative exercise.  You don’t really sweat and so I am able to squeeze it in during my workday and come out refreshed and energized for the rest of the day without taking up much time.  The sessions have a really good flow and seem to go by in a flash.  Lesley is a truly caring person and takes a personal interest in each of her clients and their fitness goals.

-Ann Marie

Keri goes to great lengths to explain what each movement does for the body, constantly monitoring while forever on watch to ensure safety.  I came to Keri with back pain.  I needed regular doctor’s care and medication.  In the past I had maintained a healthy regiment with emphasis to working out at a gym.  Since my association with her I can say that I am pain free and extremely happy.  I give her full credit for this unexpected success.  Pilates is now my primary focus when it comes to a healthy body.  Thank you, Keri.

– Steve

I worked with Amanda to manage the pain I had from an old back injury. She immediately knew what exercises would help ease my pain and meticulously helped me strengthen my core and legs so that pain would be more manageable. Amanda understood my limits with my injury and thoughtfully tailored our sessions perfectly to meet my needs. After I had surgery to repair the back injury, Amanda and I worked together multiple times a week to rehabilitate my movement, loosen my stiffness, and regain my strength. She was an integral part of my healing and I am so grateful that her expertise allowed her to help me with the complexity of my recovery. Amanda made my recovery a success.

– Gabrielle


Golfers, Runners, other Athletes…

I have been working with Amanda for several years. As I have aged, I began to have difficulty with my flexibility and that really began to impact my golf game as well as my overall quality of life. Working with Amanda has been life changing. She has helped me gain flexibility in my upper and lower body. My golf game has improved by getting more distance and I feel better all the time. Amanda doesn’t have a set formula, rather she takes the time to assess what each individual needs and tailors her approach accordingly. I really look forward to our sessions. 

– Craig 

I started taking Pilates from Lesley 9 months ago and have noticed significant changes in my posture and core strength.  I spin on average four times a week and run as well.  I always had back pain from hunching over the bike and pounding the pavement.  Taking Pilates twice a week has strengthened my core and my back and enhanced my spinning and running ability.


I have been an avid runner my adult life.  I don’t enjoy weight training and often injure myself someway somehow.  I first approached Train Pilates for my fiancé.  I wanted to find a low impact, but high strength training workout regiment, using his body weight to improve his posture and over all balance and core.  I am lucky enough to have been brought in and taught by a fantastic knowledgeable instructor.  Keri has the attitude of a soft drill sergeant.  She is extremely intense yet watchful of correct form as well as strength level.
Keri’s explanations on why and how my body moves in different ways (according to how I position and angle myself) is valuable in my training session as well as my movements throughout each daily activity.  My partner and I do duet sessions with Keri.  She not only incorporated exercises these last few weeks to help with endurance and isolated muscle concentration for our sailing trip, but also wrote out a work out plan for us to complete while away.  This was over and beyond and it just shows that she cares about keeping consistency with her teachings and not loosing our progression and hard work.  I absolutely adore her!

– Ashlee


Pilates for Pregnancy…

I have loved working out with Keri and Train Pilates during my pregnancy!  My body has changed a lot and I appreciate Keri’s knowledge on how to adjust our classes to be pregnancy specific.  Keri does a great job incorporating different and new exercises during our sessions and keeps me motivated and always challenged.  My Pilates pregnancy goals include maintaining my strength and overall health but I feel Keri has gone above and beyond to to continue to build my strength and flexibility.  I highly recommend Train Pilates for all pregnant ladies! 

– Stephanie


Pilates for EVERYONE!

Having done Pilates for many years, I moved to Dallas looking for a rockstar instructor who not only provided a solid workout, but one that was tailored to the specific needs of my body.  I connected with Lesley over a year ago and wouldn’t consider going elsewhere.  She manages to make even an early morning Pilates session something I look forward to!  Always patient and professional, Lesley motivates through a fantastic full-body workout with clear queuing and thoughtful targeted movement.  After each session I’m energized and feeling great.

– Mary

Because of Amanda, I can touch my toes!  In the 3 plus years I’ve been training with Amanda, I have improved my posture, balance and flexibility. She can read my body and suggest slight adjustments when necessary to accomplish the movement. Amanda is very professional, kind, caring and fun AND she KNOWS her stuff!  I appreciate her so much. 

– Barby