‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’

Joseph Pilates

Testimonials from some of our happy clients!

Pilates with Lesley has been a great experience bringing me more core strength and flexibility.  The results have been great for my golf game as well my overall fitness level.  Lesley is a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff.


Having done Pilates for many years, I moved to Dallas looking for a rockstar instructor who not only provided a solid workout, but one that was tailored to the specific needs of my body.  I connected with Lesley over a year ago and wouldn’t consider going elsewhere.  She manages to make even an early morning Pilates session something I look forward to!  Always patient and professional, Lesley motivates through a fantastic full-body workout with clear queuing and thoughtful targeted movement.  After each session I’m energized and feeling great.


Pilates with Lesley helped fix my impingement issues in my hip that was causing me so much pain at one point I had trouble even walking.  I was able to avoid major hip surgery and now no longer have any pain in my hips.  I am back doing all the things I enjoy doing in my life.  I owe this all to Lesley.  She crafted a program that was aimed at balancing my hips and addressing the misalignment in my body that was causing the impingement.  I had never done Pilates before Lesley and now believe it to be one of the most effective forms of preventative exercise.  You don’t really sweat and so I am able to squeeze it in during my workday and come out refreshed and energized for the rest of the day without taking up much time.  The sessions have a really good flow and seem to go by in a flash.  Lesley is a truly caring person and takes a personal interest in each of her clients and their fitness goals.

-Ann Marie

Training with Lesley has been a very positive experience.  Following major back surgery I was limited in range of motion and had lost a great deal of core strength.  Lesley customized a rehab program for me that included an individual Pilates regimen and regular stretching sessions.  My core strength has returned to its pre-surgical level and I am as fit as I have been in 20 plus years.  Aside from the physical benefits of working with Lesley, she is also a enjoyable person to be around.


I always leave the Pilates studio feeling better, both body and mind, than I did when I came in.  Pilates has continued to build my core strength and increase flexibility to lessen lower pain pain and combat lumbar disc issues.  Some laughs are guaranteed during the lesson from fun conversation, which always helps the soul 🙂


I cannot say enough about Lesley Werle as a Pilates instructor!  She is the most knowledgeable and best descriptive teacher that I have ever taken Pilates from.  I have taken from several in the past.  She explains things in a way that is so easy to visualize and perform.  I have learned SO much from her.

As a result of Lesley’s instruction, my core strength as well as my overall posture have improved tremendously!  As a person who does spin regularly I find that Pilates is a nice compliment to the spin posture and tight muscles that can come with it.  I would recommend anyone to Lesley who is a beginner as well as an intermediate or advanced Pilates student!


I started taking Pilates from Lesley 9 months ago and have noticed significant changes in my posture and core strength.  I spin on average four times a week and run as well.  I always had back pain from hunching over the bike and pounding the pavement.  Taking Pilates twice a week has strengthened my core and my back and enhanced my spinning and running ability.


I have very much enjoyed training with Lesley Werle.  I’d had private Pilates lessons for several years before she became my instructor.  However, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my abilities since working with her.  She has a nice way of encouraging you to try harder than you might on your own.  With her help, I feel stronger and have better posture and body alignment.  Additionally, I appreciate that she is always professional and appropriate.