Pilates is a practice of well-being.  Invented by the man himself, Joseph Pilates’ early developments of his method began in England during the outbreak of WWI.  He was one of the first to discover the healing powers of resistance training. 

Arriving in the U.S. in 1912 Pilates has been evolving ever since and is currently practiced everywhere across the country.  There are countless benefits to Pilates including strengthening abdominal and back muscles, improving posture, relieving aches and pains and boosting energy and mental health.  From corporate gyms and rehabilitation centers to celebrities and professional athletic programs, Pilates truly is for everyone.


Pilates is the missing link to your workout routine.  Each session is catered to the individual and designed to strengthen and align your body.  It is a great addition to cardio and weight training, as it will stretch you as you strengthen.  Through consistent practice, Pilates will help you feel and look stronger and move more efficiently.  Whether you want to sculpt your muscles, take some strokes off your golf game, or simply feel better from the inside out… Train Pilates.